Because of the motor on an electric bike, there are laws in place to ensure they’re safely used on the UK’s roads and cycle paths. We’ve put together everything you need to know about electric bike laws in the UK before purchasing your first eBike. Electric bicycle laws and regulation...
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    Ever wondered what a hub motor is or where the term Pedelec comes from? We’ve created a handy guide to explain common electric bike jargon that you might come across and help you explore electric bikes with more confidence. E-BIKE A shortened term to describe electric bikes. MOTOR SYSTEM Th...
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  • Electric Bike Buying Guide

    Electric Bike Buying Guide

    Combining the classic bike look and lightweight feel with the extra power of the battery and plenty of modern design, e-bikes really offer the best of both worlds. Find the perfect e-bike to take your ride to the next level Whether you’re new to cycling, just starting out, or getting some h...
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  • How do electric bikes work?

    How do electric bikes work?

    How do electric bikes work? Electric bikes work a little differently than regular push bikes. Here, we’ll explain the differences and answer some common questions. The basic Essentially, an e-bike is an ordinary cart. They just rely on extra components working together to keep it running; a...
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  • What is an electric bike?

    What is an electric bike?

    Electric bikes are relatively new, technology is constantly changing, and new innovative ideas make them more efficient, affordable options for everyone. Make life easier You’ll find an e-bike has many extra components compared to a regular bike; a motor, a battery and a controller are all ...
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  • Folding E-bike Family

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    What is racing e-bike ? Racing e-bike is similar to electric bike you know, but they’re lighter,faster,and fashionable. Racing e-bike is generally more performance-oriented than traditional city bikes, it is g...
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  • SEBIC NEW CITY GRAVEL With BAFANG Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor

    SEBIC NEW CITY GRAVEL With BAFANG Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor

    Recently, our engineer developed a city gravel ebike, city and gravel ebike, which is suitable for city roads and gravel ground. And as you can see in the picture, our ebike is a style where all the lines are hidden. It looks very clean. We use the BAFANG Speed & Torque Integrated Sensor and...
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  • Debunking the 5 Most Common E-Bike Myths

    We are a manufacturing and trading company specialized in electric bicycles for more than 10 years, with our own brand named SEBIC . The company adheres to the operation principle of “customer service and products quality is supreme”, cooperating with many Taiwan funded factories who ...
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  • Will the bicycling boom survive after the pandemic?

    On a muggy afternoon in Portland’s Laurelhurst Park, musician and pickle enthusiast Steve Chesborough stands under a shady tree looking for cyclists. He’s nervous because he’s organized a ‘Picklepalooza’ bike ride under the Portland Pedalpalooza cycling program — and so far nobody’s turned up. “A...
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  • We’re getting closer to knowing where e-bikes belong

    Regulations for e-bikes have not kept up with their popularity. Defining what they are is an important step in learning where people can ride them. An e-bike soaring over a mountain. New rules take effect Wednesday that attempt to clarify where and what kinds of electric bikes are allowed on larg...
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