Video: Can electric bikes make you a hill-climbing champion?

You may be thinking, what can an electric bicycle do for me? Can it transform me into a mountain climber? Well, we are going to test it today. Liam is our guinea pig, and mountain climbing is our chosen subject, because this will be the most helpful place for Motor. Now, Liam is no stranger to climbing, but a little stranger to the podium. He hopes Scott can provide him with the motivation needed to beat his best results. For nine people, you hope so.
Representing the “best” In our race, only the current British Hillclimb national champion Andrew Feather and his Cannondale Supersix Evo bike was tricked out.
A weight of less than 6 kg to Scott’s 11 kg seems to be a big advantage, but please don’t forget that Liam gets 250W of extra power from Scott’s ebikemotion motor system, combined with his calf, 550W effective FTP. That will require overcoming the weight difference. Moreover, if he wants to win this game, then the difference in fitness lies in this.
In the UK, the speed limit for electric bicycles is 25 kilometers per hour, or about 15 and a half miles per hour. Even if he is not a hill-climb champion, our Liam is not slack, so any action that is not steep enough may mean that he is not getting all the benefits from the car.
Obviously, Liam wants to play to his strengths, so what we really want for this is something steep. It’s really steep.
Prospect Place should be able to solve the problem. It is located east of Bath and is only 700m long, but has an average slope of more than 13%. This sounds bad, but even this doesn’t tell the whole story, because it flattens out at the top. In most cases, the slope is more than 20% and close to 30% at half of the corners. It should be an ideal terrain for electric bicycles to shine.
Not surprisingly, Andrew holds the KOM of this hill because he does it on almost all meaningful hills within a 30-mile radius. But today is about whether Electric Liam can beat Acoustic Andrew, so this is straightforward: the best time of the day wins.
So, who will win? How fast will Andrew get when we put Andrew on Scott? You only need to watch the video to find the answer.
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Post time: May-19-2021